About Ricoh Imaging

15th July, 2009

Within the world of digital photography, and especially in the compact market, there are but a few models truly capable of performing to an unexpectedly high standard, whilst offering ease of use and, crucially, a user experience that is way beyond the norm.

Ricoh is a brand that sets itself apart from all other players. As a maker with a great reputation for imaging products over the years, its cameras have been the talk of ‘those in the know’ … and are definitely not considered mainstream. And that’s part of the attraction for me – Ricoh is a company that has a notably very different take on things, and strives to vigorously maintain its individuality and highly-respected position in a market of so many ‘me-too’ products.

Having acquired one of the very first Ricoh CX1s in the UK earlier this year, I’ve found myself consistently surprised by its usability and overall quality, and the sheer level of enjoyment from using it.

This site is intended to be of interest to all who favour the Ricoh camera brand, either as owners or would-be users, and will see very regular additions of new content. Why not Bookmark us for regular updates … just go to ‘Blog Info’ on the top right-hand side to do that.  

For many examples of the Ricoh CX1’s output, please visit http://nickbland.zenfolio.com where you’ll find several Ricoh folders, grouped so far into :

  • Ricoh CX1
  • Ricoh CX1 1:1 format
  • Ricoh CX1 16:9 format
  • Ricoh CX1 monochrome


Again, there’ll be very regular – in fact almost daily – additions to the folders, so check back often for new images … hope you enjoy, and find the site useful !

In addition, I recommend a visit to a brilliant, and addictive, camera site http://1001noisycameras.com, which will ably feed any addiction to photographic gear, with loads of useful links, reviews, comments, rumours, and latest news.


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